Kindergarten & Childcare First Classroom SETAGAYA

First Classroom Setagaya (Tokyo) has authentic practices for children to reach their highest potential with daily program of self-discovery experience.



Child Age: approx. 3 - 6 years (primary age)


1. Please go to inquiry page and send us your information with approx. date that you hope to enroll or any questions. You will receive application form on-line or reply from us within 2-3 days.


2. Please fill out application form and submit it by e-mail. Applications are reviewed and interviews with visit are scheduled on a first come first serve basis.


3. Payment of admission fee is necessary after the visit. Admission procedure is completed by remittance of amount. (If your choice of decision has priority on our kindergarten and want to secure your admission before the visit, we will reserve it with 50% of deposit payment. This amount is returned, if we find any difficulty to accept the admission after the visit and interview, but it is not returned if you change your mind after payment.)


E-mail us from "Inquiry" today! We look forward to meeting you in Tokyo.


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