Kindergarten & Childcare First Classroom SETAGAYA

First Classroom Setagaya (Tokyo) has authentic practices for children to reach their highest potential with daily program of self-discovery experience.



Admission:  JPY 65,000

*Yearly equipment sustainable fee  JPY 22,000 (from 2nd year)


Monthly Tuition:  JPY 92,000

-include all programs of more than 10 fields such as art, music, gymnastics, English, etc.

-include childcare 9:00-17:00. Childcare of morning from 7:30 and evening until 18:30 is available with additional fee. Please refer to the list below.

-All specialized programs are finished by 14:00. The rest of time is for individual pursuit and communication with friends (which is also important for childhood). But we don’t bind and you can go home after 14:00 every day.

-Additionally monthly JPY 7,000 is charged until end of school year (March) for child admitted from age 3 years.


Monthly Meal Cost: JPY 10,500

-perfectly house-made natural and nutritional menu made by official nutritionist

-selected healthy food ingredients

-include adjustment for individual taste

-include lunch and support meal of 15:30. (not poor snack!)


Morning / Evening Childcare: JPY 3,000 for monthly 30 min. extension

-"Morning" indicates 7:30-9:00, "Evening" indicates 17:00-18:30

-e.g. JPY12,000 is added to monthly tuition for childcare 8:00-18:00.

-Our regular childcare is until 18:30, but acceptable until 19:00 when you have in particular occasion to spend time.


Spot Additional Fee

One day  9,500/day

Extension 850/ 30 min

Lunch 720 (house-made)

Support Meal 280

Extension early and late 300/ 30 min. *before 8:00 and after 18:00


Please note:

-Above fees do not include tax. 8% consumption tax is added to the amount.

-Short stay from overseas also can be accepted. Please let us know the period that you want to stay

-Time contract of childcare is fixed monthly. When you want to change the fixed time, please let us know it by 15th of month prior to the month from which you want to change.

-Cancellation of spot stay needs 50% until 12:00 of prior day. 100 % necessary after 12:00 of prior day.



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