Kindergarten & Childcare First Classroom SETAGAYA

First Classroom Setagaya (Tokyo) has authentic practices for children to reach their highest potential with daily program of self-discovery experience.

Food Education

Food Education is "a Base of Whole Child Education"


Menu made by Natural Food Research Nutritionist

FCS’s food menu and culture is made by nutritionist who research traditional and natural foods. Meet, fish and vegetable are selected by locality which extrude South Tohoku and North Kanto, considering possibility for inclusion of radioactive materials. We don’t use frozen processed food and chemical seasoning. Milk is not used as drink and calcium is obtained by other menus.




Why FCS Child Likes Vegetables ?

By preparing natural and healthy menu for child and arranging way of cooking, size of material and freshness, children who didn’t like vegetable before coming to FCS will change and even like to eat more vegetables !  



Nutrition Rich Food Ingredients

Japanese traditional food culture is one of most healthy ones in the world, accredited by UNESCO as world heritage. We make quality selection to what we eat everyday such as brewing soy sauce spent with one year, naturally extracted sugar, natural sea salt, natural plant oil, brewing vinegar, etc.




Harvesting and Planting Experience

Child learn how food is important and thank the blessing of nature through the hand-on experience of planting and harvesting.




Cooking with Natural Food Materials

FCS monthly has cooking opportunity mainly related to traditional food education, such as natural yeast bread, miso, tofu and plum juice. Touching raw materials by hand, child develops imagination, creativity and way of thinking as well as five senses. 

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