Kindergarten & Childcare First Classroom SETAGAYA

First Classroom Setagaya (Tokyo) has authentic practices for children to reach their highest potential with daily program of self-discovery experience.


Cultivating individuality and talent with hands-on experience


Self-expression (by painting, handiwork)

Accumulating the joyful experience to express own idea, way of thinking and fantasy, each child expands creativity and imagination to higher level.




Self-expression (by speech)

Accumulating the experience talking what you think and feel to classmates, each child gains confidence and esteem for self-expression.




Self-expression (by music & eurhythmics)

Nurturing passion and emotion through eurhythmics, each child sophisticates way of expression with music by singing songs and playing instruments.




Dexterity and finger exercise

It is starting point of all activities. When children become able to move fingers precisely, concentration become more sustainable and emotion more stable.




Group activity & project

Children discuss and exchange opinions with member and execute projects. Each child learns how to make large creation by gathering individual power.





Native English speaker provides children a variety of activities such as game, song and dance. Older child also enjoys writing and reading.




Cross-culture experience (life, food, flag)

Hands-on opportunity of life with people who have different color of eye, skin and culture encourage child to be friendly with them. FCS Child develops sense of co-work connected around the globe.




With gymnastics provided by specialist, physical balance including motion and handling skill is nurtured, whereas those are not sufficiently stipulated at outdoor playground.



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Playground (spacious and long)

Small-sized class is always flexible to move. It benefits child with frequently going to large nature-rich park and spending outdoor longer.  




Natural food cooking

Five senses and sense of life and season are developed by traditional food education which Japanese maintain with seasonal nature based culture.




Japanese traditional culture

“Japanese Traditional Culture Day” is the opportunity held every month. Child nurture sense of season and life by tea ceremony, calligraphy and Japanese traditional dance.



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Field trip (social studies)

The purpose of visiting and communicating with workers is for children to realize that their life is connected with society and they are living as member of real society. Small-sized class enables those activities.



Nature activities (rice, vegetable, plant)

Rice planting and reaping and vegetable harvesting is joyful experience for child. They learn that what we eat are made from climate and nature and we, human beings all live in nature.




Science (body, nature, electricity)

Curiosity is a starting point for innovation. FCS does not teach reasoning but provide opportunity for questioning to cultivate their curiosity.  




Writing / Counting (mathematics)

Considering individual development and skill, environment for writing and counting is prepared. Older child use printed materials.  




Group game

Enjoying games physically in mixed-aged class accelerates child to understand rules and regulations in common with society and sense of harmony to collaborate each other.  


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