Kindergarten & Childcare First Classroom SETAGAYA

First Classroom Setagaya (Tokyo) has authentic practices for children to reach their highest potential with daily program of self-discovery experience.

Our Policy

encourging independence and innovation

Quality of small-sized class

Small-sized class enables children one-on-one communication with teachers. Children whose opinion and existence were respected sufficiently grow with higher communication skill even when they are in big-sized class after graduation.

Approach to develop individuality

Education of one-size-fits-all does not create strong individuality. FCS capitalizes on the readiness of each child and motivates them to pursue their own talents and passions and acknowledge each other’s difference.

Teachers to respect child’s will

We have adopted same ratio of teacher to child as Northern European countries evaluated with rich and engaging learning environment of manpower. Every child gains intellectual curiosity and self-confidence, nurturing potentials to highest level.


Foster collaborating ability

Up to age 2-4, it is important period for attachment forming, but many of our peers are not enough to support it in system. Children who built strong foundation for their mentality are encouraged for decision-making and problem-solving by their own.

In-depth learning with flow environment

If child’s concentration is properly observed and supported without interruption, they dive deeper into subject that interest them and gain self-learning ability accompanying with individual originality. Maria Montessori says “The first essential for the child’s development is concentration. The child who concentrates is immensely happy.”

Leadership developed by mixed-aged environment

Mixed-aged class allow for younger children to learn from older ones, and for older children to develop self-esteem and responsibility by gaining respect from younger ones. There is child community equivalent to real society in daily life.

Playground and food education with priority

Food education and playground is most important basis to form emotional, moral and physical development at early childhood. FCS’s food education is based on Japanese tradition which is registered as UNESCO intangible heritage, and playground conducted at spacious park nearby with long time every day.  


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